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We all have dreams that we strive to achieve throughout our lives and we hope that they will come true one by one; But many of us do not achieve any of our dreams despite our continuous efforts and we believe that luck has not been on our side.

while the problem is somewhere else…!!!

In fact, in many cases, not having enough information and not taking action on time makes us not achieve what we wished for and change the course of our lives.

We make different choices to achieve our dreams; One of the crucial and important choices that make people achieve their dreams, such as studying in the world’s top universities, working in big companies and living in advanced environments, is immigration that the right and timely decision causes them to experience a sweet change, and choosing the wrong path or acting at the wrong time causes them to suffer many losses. 

This issue has caused the applicants to take this path after consulting with experts in the field of immigration and do not take action without obtaining sufficient information; In the meantime, jobbers, knowing that the candidates do not know enough about the migration route, commit fraud and make life bitter for them.

Therefore, many years ago, Mr. Rajaby, the management of Rajaby Migration Holding, who had been working professionally in the field of immigration since 2012, in order to reduce the risks of the migration path and provide timely information to the applicants, established Rajaby Law Firm in Tehran in 2016 and shortly after, the Shiraz branch of this institution was also established, and in 2020, Rajaby Migration Company was registered with the number 562051.

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Since the beginning of Rajaby Company’s activity until today, due to the tact of the company’s management in attracting and training experts in this field, Hundreds of different immigration cases, including education, work, investment, etc., have been successfully completed and we have witnessed the satisfied smiles of hundreds of our compatriots.

During the years of our activity, we have received representation from prestigious educational centers in the world and we have obtained international employment permits to smooth the path of immigration for people who come to us.

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Updating the information of consultants and experts, checking the exact conditions of the applicants, providing advice according to the conditions of each applicant and according to the conditions of the day of immigration, timely action and follow-up from moment to moment and providing services until after entering the destination country, all and all have made the immigration process at Rajaby Company a less stressful and sweet experience.

We at Rajaby Company are by your side to remove big obstacles from your way in this big decision with years of experience in carrying out various immigration procedures.

You can see examples of our successful cases by referring to the page of visas and videos related to Rajaby company’s clients.

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